Alan GarciaFounder and Technologist

Alan is an AI augmented, seasoned Fullstack Software Engineer with a proven track record as a strategic tech leader. His journey has taken him through a variety of industries, from the fast-paced world of fashion tech to the transformative spaces of digital media, health technology, and advertising.He specializes in leading tech teams through significant changes, meticulously aligning evolving technology landscapes with the overarching business vision. His core expertise lies in mentoring dynamic teams, fostering a culture of innovation, and ensuring that technology solutions not only support business growth but also significantly enhance user experiences. Holding a degree in Information Science from Cornell, he continuously sharpens his ability to merge technical prowess with a deep understanding of how technology can propel businesses forward. Whether you’re looking to refine your technology strategy, innovate within your industry, or simply want to ensure your tech infrastructure is enhancing your business and not hindering it, Alan is here to help.Alan believes in leveraging technology to unlock new possibilities and drive efficiency, and committed to helping businesses achieve their strategic objectives through tailored tech solutions. Connect with Alan to explore how we can elevate your technology strategy and turn your business vision into reality.